The Story of El Moro

Your Home Away From Home

Hotel el Moro was established in the year 2000 with only six room and since then we have grown to the current 24 rooms. Our commitment has been and is to offer the best and most satisfying hosting experience to our clients and friends. 

Why a crab as our symbol? We adapted our symbol in memory of a beautiful crab that was unfortunately dead in our premises when we bought our first property. This purplish color carb, hence its name Cangrejo el Moro for the morado (purple) color, was once abundant in the region and inhabited the lagoon as well as the beach. Now due to the constant town growth and increasing human being population their number have dangerously diminished. If you are lucky and see one of these beautiful creatures in our town say hi and protect him/her on their way to his/her house. 

Thanks for your preference at Hotel el Moro and help us to protect this and all the beautiful creatures in our environment. 

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